The Company

Al Noor Insurance Broker (AIB) is the first Insurance Broker in Qatar. AIB provides advice, guidance and choice on a range of Risk Management services, Insurance Products, Vehicle Services and Home Assists. At AIB, we not only "Know Insurance", but we know how to make it easy for our valued clients.

We understand the client’s business and understand the risks associated with each function of the client’s business. Assess the approach and ability of the clients in managing their risk. Our scope of services includes customization of insurance policies, renewals, risk managements and claims assistance.

AIB specialize in all areas of insurance products, including: Home, Medical, Motor, Life, Property, Marine, Transit, Liability, Farm, Commercial business, Aviation, Tourist, Resort, Financial planning and many more. We have provided cover to Petrochemical, oil & energy industries, power & steel plants, aviation fleets, satellites, large projects & infrastructures, SMEs and are present in all forms of commercial sector. Whether you need a basic automobile policy or require a complex business package, our team of advisors will examine the cost, benefits, and supplier of each product to help you choose a combination of products that will provide the protection you need, the value you expect and the service you deserve. We guarantee same day callbacks and our customers are always our top priority. AIB is a dynamic and entrepreneurial organization committed to delivering a high quality service. Apart from our Head Office in Doha- Qatar, we’ve branches in Cairo-Egypt giving a wider reach and better services with fully satisfied clients. We are planning to elaborate are insurance and services to Saudi Arabia also.

Why do you need Insurance Brokers?

Globally, insurance regulatory authorities recognize the value added service provided by Insurance brokers. Individuals, Businesses and Organizations are exposed to various physical and financial hazards. A professional broker will help you understand this and help advice possible measures to counter these impacts with Risk Management services.

  • An insurance company can give you only their available products. But an insurance broker can give you all types of satisfied insurance policies, because they deal with a large range of insurance companies.
  • Brokers were largely far more efficient at cross checking policies than consumers, and also very good at educating their customers, explaining what types of cover were available and answering queries.
  • In the case of the time taken to generate initial quotation figures, direct services (online) were consistently very quick, while some brokers answered quote requests by personal follow up.

Brokers vs. Insurers

Clients often ask “What is the difference between an insurance broker and an insurance company?

The answer to this question is both simple and very complex. Yet it is possibly one of, if not the most important questions you need to know and fully understand. It will ensure you are securing the most appropriate advice you require before deciding on the type of insurance policy you need to purchase.

  • Brokers have access to many different policies, because they deal with a range of insurance companies.
  • Good brokers will be aware of the benefits, exclusions and costs of competing policies on the market.
  • A good broker will help to arrange and to place the cover and can often advice on how to make the most of your insurance budget.
  • An insurance broker’s first duty is to his or her client. An insurance broker works for you, the client. Not the insurance company.

Benefits of joining AIB

Before buying insurance policy, you must get answers for some questions.

  •  Are you looking for kind of insurance company such as "Islamic" or "Commercial" insurance Company?
  •  What is the insurance cover you must select? And what is different between each other?
  •  Do you select exactly what you need?
  •  Do you like to select between different insurance companies?
  •  Do you like to compare between companies quotations?
  •  Do you get clear your rights with the insurance company?
  •  In case of claim what should you do and which procedures you must follow?
  •  Do you have a waist time to visit all insurance companies and study all the above?

At Al Noor Insurance Brokers, we give you answer for all the above and more…..